Electronic wallet and financial transactions application. Turn any mobile device or a PC into a payment center regardless of your bank account status. 


Access and perform a full range of financial transactions from any mobile and any PC via the web. 


Secured activation and usage. 


Customization and localization of the App per region and country. 

mPayOK MFS  (for Mobile & PC)

mPayOK Mobile screen shot

Debit-cards are provided as a companion service to an MpayOK account in order to increase coverage of payment and financial services to the areas where electronic methods do not yet apply. This way, SAFESOLUTION provides it's customers and partners a 100% reach to all unbanked population and businesses that seek to catre to this potential clientele. 


Branded cards can be issued regionally per vendor and partner needs. Gas stations, coffee shop chains, national super-markets and others, all can provide unique financial services arena securing payments for their goods and enabling targeted benefits to their clients. 


Marketing services enable ancillary offerings such as loyalty cards and geographically targeted special offers, coupons and additional features that can be added as required.


mPayOK Debit Card 


Unlimited financial operations for the rest of us